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Boost Your Fertility Now E-Book

Boost Your Fertility Now E-Book


Written by Dora Toma, Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach & Fertility Expert.


On average it can take up to 12 months for a healthy woman under the age of 35 to conceive. Although conception and pregnancy is a natural thing, it's not an easy task for the body.

This e-book will take you step by step through my top 5 healthy habits that will guarantee to boost your fertility.


By applying the recommendations from this E-Book you will:

✨Learn what to eat and HOW to eat to improve your chances for conception (41 delicious recipes)

✨Have 41 delicious that will satisfy your hunger and improve those eggs (and sperm for your partner!)

✨Be able to time sex for conception with accuracy and leave the guessing game of when you are ovulating

✨Know if anything is wrong, before waiting months until you step into your doctor's office

✨Help your hormones be in balance with seed cycling

✨Learn how to optimize your sleep so you can have healthy hormones and healthy eggs

✨Learn everything you need to know about coffee, alcohol and preconception

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